Welcome to Midway Bus And Coach

Midway Bus & Coach CC is a BBBEE initiative of Kruger Bus Service (PTY.) LTD.

As this was done, experience and knowledge was passed on from Kruger to Midway in a professional way.

Midway Bus & Coach CC was registered in 1999. Three members with their Association agreement laid the first important steps in becoming a recognized entity. Midway now proudly delivers not only a service of the highest standards but also makes a positive contribution towards the empowerment of all those closely connected to or associated to the business.

Midway with its close involvement with Kruger in its inception years, have operated jointly on contracts to transport passengers. (Contracts refer to trips occurring at irregular intervals over a period of time involving a single employer and or client where specific transport requirements are requested).

All these contracts was not only a learning experience, but enabled Midway to become financially independent and to be recognized as an Operator with high safety standards, service excellence and a competitor in the market as early as 2001 when being listed as a preferred service provider for the then Iscor Vanderbijlpark.

What we do:

  • Passenger Transport
  • Charter Type Services
  • Including Daily Trips
  • Tours or Transportation organized groups on a Contract


Authority to pick up & transport passengers with their personal belongings from any point within the boundaries of Gauteng to any point within the RSA = Permit

Permit includes :

Liability & Insurance

Liability = Passengers in transit are covered for any injury and/or related
Insurance = Covers damage to other vehicles and/or property